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Mythos 2

Mythos 2 features a new and reliable Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp, which ensures the extraordinary performances that have made the success of MYTHOS worldwide. Mythos 2 is an excellent spotlight, which produces an outstanding large light beam, featuring a zoom that ranges from 4° to 50° (1:12 ratio).Light beam is sharp, with perfectly defined edges, from the first millimetres after the front lens right along its entire length. The zoom is optimized for focusing, which is separate from that of the fixed and rotating gobos. Its movements are smooth, fast and very quiet. Mythos 2 also features an indexed visual effect disc, which may be superimposed on all the gobos, both in and out of focus. But Mythos 2 is also an extraordinary beam light, allowing you to switch to a minimum fixed beam angle of just 2.5°. A large, very dense, 160 mm-diameter light beam leaves the Mythos’s front lens and remains parallel for its entire length even at great distances. Mythos 2 is a very versatile tool, which is useful in any situation and therefore an excellent investment.

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High Output Inc. Keeps Claypaky Scenius Profile Fixtures Busy on the Presidential Campaign Trail

USA – The 18 Claypaky Scenius Profile fixtures recently acquired by the Canton, Massachusetts office of High Output Inc. for its rental inventory have hardly spent a moment on the shelves.  The moving head spotlights at the top of the Claypaky range experienced a busy general election season and continue to service many national broadcast and corporate projects.

“We’re excited to have Scenius Profile in our rental fleet,” says Andrew Boucher, production manager at High Output Inc.  “The feature set of Scenius lends itself to both the broadcast and rental staging markets.  In fact, we expect Scenius to be a workhorse fixture in our staging division.”

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